We are fully versed in the Passive House Standard, which requires special details and construction methods to obtain air-tight and cold-bridge free houses.  The result is a home with negligible fuel costs and, with the introduction of sustainable technologies, it is possible to deliver an self-sustaining home.


We endeavour to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing sustainable technologies and building methods to inform our design solutions.

With sustainability and environmental factors at the forefront of our designs, we will achieve reduced running costs and improved working & living environments for the end-user.

With our experience in designing sustainable homes to the guidance of BREEAM Ecohomes assessment criteria and Passive House Standards, we can inform our Clients of best methods to achieve energy efficient and sustainable design.
Developments have a minimum requirement for energy efficiency by law, however we understand that our Clients will want to meet and exceed expected targets within their budget.

We can consider and inform our Clients of the suitability of incorporation of technologies such as ground or air heat pumps, geothermal harvesting, photovoltaic collection, solar paneling, hyper insulation, water collection, recyclable materials, sustainably sourced timbers, low energy lighting, locally sourced materials, orientation efficiencies, passive ventilation, heat recovery etc.

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